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Michael maintains residence and personal offices in Carmel, California where he continues to write screenplays, the local newspaper and is currently working on a snapshot autobiography with the working title, Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial. Michael also provides high-level consultation with companies deploying enterprise software with special focus on the environmental and entertainment sectors.

He and his wife, Helen, are active in local community service, having been elected to the Carmel Highlands Association Board. (see

Carmel Highlands

Carmel Highlands

Helen as President of the association has helped lead a revitalization of a community that includes an eclectic assortment of highly successful artists and professionals.

Michael with Michael Adams, M.D., son of Ansel  Adams in Ansel’s original studio and home.

Michael with Michael Adams, M.D., son of Ansel
Adams in Ansel’s original studio and home.

Alex, Michael, Helen, Jeremy, Kris and Brent

Alex, Michael, Helen, Jeremy, Kris and Brent

Michael’s daughter, Alex, is already a productive musician, songwriter and has scored a number of films (see

Alex recently appeared as a featured artist at Austin’s famed rock festival, South by Southwest (see

Alex has also signed with the music-publishing firm Position Music. Her songs have already appeared in commercial for Swarovski. She is midst recording her fourth AKW album

Alex performing at The Key Club in Los Angeles

Alex performing at The Key Club in Los Angeles.

Almost two years ago, Alex took it on herself to provide artists a safe place to showcase their work to other artists. She imagined a no-frills, aesthetic space where artists were free to perform, even for the first time. She first created the vision at her intimate, Los Feliz gatehouse surrounded by trees and ivy in what has come to be known as Treehouse. She went out on her social networks to fans, friends and fellow artists and invited them to perform in an intimate, safe setting.



Treehouse is free to all who attend, to all who perform. ANY artist: poet, visual, screenwriter, dancer, actor, painter, musician is free to submit a brief outline of what they’d like to perform. Because of the evening’s limited in time, Alex selects cross genres from submissions. If not selected, an artist is not denied but simply asked to re-submit for a future Treehouse. What started with a social network buzz and forty or so artists assembling, watching and listening to fellow artists perform has swollen to a tsunami. Hundreds and hundreds of artists and attendees, larger venues from atop the famed Hollywood Towers to a gallery in downtown LA. Treehouse has caught on fire in a grassroots, word-of-mouth explosion that is rifling through the entire artist community. Already Treehouse has already spread itself to Beachouse in Florida and Treehouse in the Pacific Northwest.

After graduating from Georgetown Law School with double masters in Law and Public Policy, Brent served as a Federal Court Clerk. In the past few years, his career has skyrocketed. (See Brent recently made partner in the Santa Monica-based firm of Baum Hedlund (see Baum Hedlund represents thousands of commercial transportation and pharmaceutical drug cases across the United States and worldwide. Its attorneys have a reputation for breaking new ground, holding Fortune 500 companies accountable, influencing public policy, raising public awareness and improving product safety. A major legal action against Monsanto and its toxic weed-killer, RoundUp is underway with dozens of cases.

Kris is highly advanced and accomplished in IT (Information Technology) and is currently developing cutting edge business applications for business metrics and workflows. He provides IT services and managed IT support for major companies in California. He recently successfully completed a highly complex, successful encryption project for Sony Music, worldwide.

Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, CA

Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, CA

Jeremy works as the Deputy Director of Training for The Advanced Organization of the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, CA. He daily oversees hundreds of students studying advanced levels of Scientology (see

Carmel Highlands
Michael was elected as Vice President of the Carmel Highlands Association Board. He is also the writer and editor of the Association’s newsletter: The Highlands Piper. The Highlands Piper covers topics ranging from local traffic to community events, beach access rules to important fire prevention measures in this area of outstanding natural beauty.
Carmel Highlands

A teenage artist was waiting for her turn to go on the small platform stage. She came up to Alex and confessed she had never sang in front of anyone, not even her family and after seeing some of the artists perform, she told Alex she, “just couldn’t do it.” Alex took her by the hand, led her to the stage and said to an audience of almost 600, “Hey everybody this is (name), say hello to (name).” Everybody yelled a “hello.” Then Alex had the singer “say hello” to everyone. And she did. Alex repeated this a few times and then told the audience that she would like to sing a song. When she began, a beautiful song in acapella, the audience was mesmerized. Few had ever heard such a beautiful voice. This is what Treehouse is all about.