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Michael relocated to Los Angeles to more closely manage a growing number of environmental projects. It was in Los Angeles, where he first learned about the Hubbard detoxification program – written by L. Ron Hubbard and later released in his New York Times best-selling book, Clear Body Clear Mind. Unexpectedly, the detoxification program brought two of Michael’s life-long passions and studies to intersection. Hubbard had researched and published a regimen that purported to reduce toxic chemicals and drugs that build-up and store in the human body.

The problem of toxic chemical build-up in the human body was not new to Michael or Science.

“The greatest danger of pollution may well be that we shall tolerate levels of it so low as to have no acute nuisance value, but sufficiently high, nevertheless, to cause delayed disease and spoil the quality of life.”

Rene Dubois

Environmental Scientist, 1968

Toxic waste dumps

Toxic waste dumps

The problem of toxic bio-accumulation (persistent manmade chemicals that the human body cannot breakdown or eliminate and thus tend to build up over time in human tissue – primarily in fatty tissue: See National Human Adipose [fat] Tissue Study) had been extensively researched and published. What was new was that someone had actually attempted a resolution; and that person was L. Ron Hubbard whose works and philosophies Michael had also extensively studied. Mr. Hubbard made no medical claims having written the program to address the mental and spiritual affects of stored drugs and toxins on individuals. But Mr. Hubbard was prescient, realizing that the program might have benefits reaching far beyond its initial scope: farm-workers, Agent Orange or Gulf War veterans, firemen, police officers, indoor office pollution, industrial workers, radiation exposures, toxic waste victims – the list goes on. Mr. Hubbard put the program into the public domain asking for no royalties for the program and encouraged independent review.

A public research foundation, The Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education, elected to conduct independent research studies on the Hubbard detoxification program. Michael worked with the foundation as a researcher and co-author on six major, peer reviewed studies on the Hubbard program, including: Michigan farmers exposed to a flame retardant chemical; the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Yugoslavian transformer workers, painters, chemically hyper-sensitive individuals. In each study, with objective, before and after testing, the Hubbard program was shown to be safe and effective.

Michael co-authored a clinical review on the Hubbard method of detoxification as applied to the treatment of individuals suffering from chemical hypersensitivity with the founder of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Theron Randolph, MD.

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Hubbard Detoxification Program

Seeing the need to provide the program in a clinical setting, Michael founded a non-profit medical management company, HealthMed, to administratively assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of chemical exposure.

Quickly, HealthMed caught the notice of physicians in Southern California, as well as across the country who were convinced the Hubbard program could also assist their patients as a powerful preventative health program in mitigating the toxic effects of the low doses of toxins and drugs we all are exposed to on a daily basis. West Los Angeles-based HealthMed, soon attracted many health professionals and individuals from the entertainment community to the detoxification program.

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Research foundations

In reviews of the Hubbard method of detoxification, Michael has worked with the following foundations: The Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education American Academy of Environmental Medicine American Public Health Association Beyond Pesticides Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB)United Farm Workers