Storytelling: The Creative Arts

Michael learned from some of the world’s foremost artists the power of an artistic form that communicates creatively to a wide audience and the positive impact these messages can have. He witnessed at HealthMed an incredible story of a family devastated by a toxic exposure and wanted to tell their story. It was with the unselfish support and encouragement from Tom Cruise that Michael was inspired to write his first screenplay, Madhatters.

Michael has since written or co-written six screenplays that are in development and is working on his seventh. He wrote and produced the Disney Earth Day Special. He wrote with David Steinman the very successful book, Living Healthy in a Toxic World and the award-winning children’s environmental book, Cry Out, which The Kirstie Alley Foundation has printed and distributed for free for over a decade to children and environmental groups. Michael has served as Director of the Alley Foundation. Michael assisted Don Henley with Heaven is Under Our Feet, a riveting collections of essays to save Walden Pond from development.

Environmental rights naturally and organically leads to Human Rights. Having witnessed first-hand environmental destruction in North America, South America and the former Soviet Union and its affect on human habitat it became clear that Environmental Rights and Human Rights were intrinsically connected. Inspired by Academy Award-nominated actress, Anne Archer and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Michael co-founded with Anne Archer and Donna Isham, Artists for Human Rights and serves on its Board of Directors.

Anne Archer, Kelly Preston, Keisha Whitaker and Michael Wisner at Artists for Human Rights event

Anne Archer, Kelly Preston, Keisha Whitaker and Michael Wisner at Artists for Human Rights event

In addition to his writing and philanthropic work, Michael has served on the Board of Directors and later as an Executive Advisor to SCS, Inc. for over fifteen years. SCS is one of the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics partners. Michael has a deep understanding of business software and its broad application in a multitude of different industries including non-profit, environmental, alternative energy and entertainment.