Living Healthy in a Toxic World

Living Healthy in a Toxic World

By David Steinman and Michael Wisner

Written with co-author, David Steinman, author of the best-selling Diet for a Poisoned Planet, Living Healthy in a Toxic World is an important, simple, easy-to-understand tool in avoiding toxic chemicals in our everyday lives.

“Living Healthy in a Toxic World has found an extraordinarily effective way to express many complex ideas, and in a marvelous manner of presenting/explaining without talking down or losing the reader.”

Ellen Silbergeld, Ph.D., Chief Toxicological Advisor, Environmental Defense Fund

“The simple things described in Living Healthy in a Toxic World we use in our home every day. This book will improve your health and protect your entire family – and do it easily, and with a sense of humor.”

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

From safe ways to clean your house, to non-toxic pet care, to cleaning your Jacuzzi or swimming pool without toxic chlorine, to simple safe foods, to safe cosmetics, to safe baby products, to safe drinking water to detoxification: Living Healthy In Toxic World provides simple ways to protect you and your family from everyday toxics, chemicals and pollution while saving you money and time. Numerous resources and contacts are provided for each of these; and all solidly backed up with scientific references in an extensive bibliography.

After years of research and public speaking, Michael Wisner became acutely aware that most people were intensely interested in a cleaner and safer environment for their and their family’s health; but with all the techno-gobbledygook and talking heads with various agendas, particularly from big pharma and the chemical industry, this could be a confusing muddle for most people. The chemistry alone could put you to sleep. What Michael did was to take the most common things we all do: eat, sleep, drink water, clean a house, get rid of bugs, raise a family and distilled these down to simple things you can do to dramatically reduce toxic exposure without having to move on top of Mount Shasta, live in a bubble and eat roots and tubers.

Example: A Simple Thing You Can Do

One of the greatest threats to our everyday health is the toxic metal, lead. We find it in air pollution, old lead-based paints and even the soldered joints in much of our plumping. Lead can reduce IQ,, reaction time, attention span, concentration and short-term memory. Scientific studies have shown that we can reduce the amount of lead that we and our families are exposed to by as much as 40% for free by just doing what the Japanese have done for centuries – taking our street shoes off at the front door. Most of the lead we are exposed to we walk into our homes on the bottom of our shoes from street grit and pollution.


This book clearly identifies where toxic exposures comes from in what we do every day and provides simple, safe things you can do to avoid these and save money in your:

  • house
  • garden
  • garage
  • pool
  • kitchen
  • diet
  • make-up/cosmetics
  • cleaning products
  • baby products
  • and more….