You’re Either the Problem or the Solution: Get Involved


Whether you agree with all their positions or not, Greenpeace understands the courage to disagree and the power of protest and boycott. Whether it’s chaining themselves to an unsafe nuclear plant’s fences or trains carrying dangerous toxic substances, or, at great peril cutting off a Japanese whaling boat – they get results. They get heard. They make a difference.


One of the most respected and effective environmental groups in the world. Comprised largely of scientists and lawyers, they have acted as watchdog and conscience for the environment for decades.Active in alternative, green energy; wilderness and wildlife protection, toxins and ocean protection. They are not afraid to disagree and when they do they have the brain-trust and funds to take it court and win.

Beyond Pesticides

Perhaps no single group in the world works singularly harder to rid our environment and food of dangerous pesticides and herbicides.They won’t coddle the chemical manufacturers, take their money or hide from them. What’s more, they offer cost-effective alternatives.


An extremely effective advocate against destruction of habitat, chemical poisoning and waste. They have largely been the leading group encouraging and implementing nationwide recycling.

Sierra Club

You love nature, these are the people who defend it and have done so for nearly a Century. They not only defend it, they encourage people to indulge and see the wonders of nature we fight so hard to preserve


Embraced by all those who love our animal kingdom and understand its intrinsic role in planetary survival. Preservation of species is their critical mission statement and that preservation intimately includes us, the human species.

Surfrider Foundation

Founded by surfers, this is a hands-on group that works tirelessly to protect our oceans’ health and beauty. They focus on water quality, marine life and the health of our beaches.

The Heinz Centre

A more cerebral institution dedicated to improving the scientific and economic foundation for environmental policy. They bring science, industry, the environment, the economy and government
together to forge short and long term environmental solutions. They can take a complex issue like “biodiversity” and translate it into exactly what this means to environment, health and the economy in real, everyday terms that open the door to sustainable solutions.