The Problem

There are literally thousands of chemicals invented, manufactured and used broadly over the last eight decades, and from which, we simply do not know all the potential health effects. We are a living-guinea-pig-experiment. For example, the majority of chemicals used in male and female cosmetics have never been fully tested for all potential health effects; and, almost every pesticide invented between 1930 and 1990 considered to be “safe” is banned today.

Cosmetic toxins

Certainly, not all chemicals are bad or toxic. Many of the man-made chemicals have improved our standard of living and the quality and longevity of our lives. But we make so many so quickly, none of us have to think long and hard to find a food, a pesticide, an additive, something we all thought was safe that we are now told is unsafe. The recent World Health Organization’s report on radiation from our cell phones is a potent reminder of this.

The majority of man-made chemicals use oil as their basic building block:paints, glues, pharmaceuticals, plastics – can all start with oil. The real health issue is that many man-made chemicals and drugs do not easily break down in our bodies when we are exposed to low levels of them in our air, food, water, homes, cars and offices. The human body has not fast-evolved in a few decades to where it can easily digest a persistent pesticide, a flame retardant or a heavy metal like it can effectively break down and digest normal food and drink.When these chemicals enter our bodies in various ways through air, water and food, our body is not capable of fully breaking them down and so stores these in the only oil-based tissue in our bodies – our fat. Think of the fat in this context as the lint trap in your clothes dryer that never gets cleaned out. And it doesn’t matter if we are small, medium or large. We all have fat tissue – our brains are most fatty tissue – yes, we are fat heads. So a single, seemingly innocuous exposure does not go away – it can build up over time. And over time, not all at once, we accumulate toxic substances in our bodies. Because this build up is gradual, its effects are not instantly noticeable.

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Lecture: Toxins and Detoxification

This is not rocket science. As this internal dose builds up over time, our risk increases. While the risk also has to factor in age, diet, family history, stresses, the simple fact remains: this is dose-risk related. The United States Environmental Protection Agency does a routine assessment of toxics built up and stored in the fat tissue of Americans and it shows that each of us has approximately 100 toxic, carcinogenic, birth-defect causing substances stored in our bodies. While not something commonly known, in science we have known this for decades. When we see the increase in woman’s breast cancer, male prostate cancer, childhood leukemia, autism, hormone disruptions, Parkinson’s disease and others – we have to take pause and ask ourselves:Are we better off with these substances out of our bodies? The prudent answer is yes. No one asked for these at their grocery store.

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They Don’t Know

I remember testifying as a witness in a lawsuit against Monsanto chemical company brought by sick firemen who were exposed to the toxic chemicals polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB’s: this a is chemical invented to resist heat and used in electrical transformers and capacitors to do so, later found to be toxic and banned from use) and dioxins (a very toxic chemical associated with the chemical Agent Orange aerial sprayed in jungles during the Viet Nam War to supposedly kill foliage hiding the enemy. Agent Orange contained dioxins as do many chlorinated compounds that burn) in a chemical fire. One of numerous attorneys representing Monsanto sat across a huge conference table staring at just me and my lone attorney while they enjoyed a panoramic view of Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean from their penthouse law firm at probably $600 an hour. Their question was on the order of:

“Mr.Wisner, how can you claim that such a very small, low concentration of PCB’s can cause harm or these illnesses?”

My answer was a question:

“The real question is how can Monsanto invent, manufacture and profit from for over 50 years a chemical that you have not proven is safe at any amount? The onus is on you, isn’t it?”

That was essentially the end of the deposition. Don’t let the chemistry and legalese intimidate you. The point here, while haunting, is actually very simple and important to you, your love ones and this planet’s health and sustainability: They simply don’t know.

Michael Wisner