The Solution

The solution is twofold: 1) reduce the exposure to and intake of toxic substances and, 2) detoxification.

Michael and many others have written and spoken extensively about simple things we can do to substantially reduce the amount of toxic exposure in our lives.

When it comes to detoxification there is no panacea. For years, physicians have known that exposure to certain heavy metals can be addressed in a limited fashion with EDTA chelation (from the Greek root meaning “to claw,” EDTA is a chemical that can attach, claw, to heavy metals in the blood and help to eliminate them) .Simply, the reagent EDTA is delivered, normally intravenously under physician supervision, where it binds to heavy metals in the blood and eliminates them through the urine. Chelation has limited workability as it is not effective on fat-based toxins or toxic metals stored in the fat, bone, muscle or other tissues of the body, besides the blood.

Patient Interviews: Detoxification

Montel Show: Kelly Preston and Michael Wisner: Toxins and Detoxification

The Hubbard detoxification program as described in the best-selling book, Clear Body Clear Mind has proven safe and effective in substantially reducing a wide variety of fat stored toxins and drugs. A comprehensive, yet simple, program consisting ofa medical doctor’s physical examination followed by a daily regimen over the course of a few weeks including an oral dose of the vitamin niacin combined with an individually tailored exercise routine and followed by low temperature intermittent sauna or steam sessions to induce increased sweating. The regimen includes water replacement, cold-pressed natural oils, balanced nutritional support – including vitamin, mineral and salts replenishment.

TV Interviews – Clear Body Clear Mind

Independent research studies have looked at the Hubbard program including taking fat biopsies before and after the program and measuring some of the most persistent chemicals and some drugs that most of us have stored in our bodies. In addition, sweat and sebum (skin oil) samples of individuals undergoing detoxification were also taken and analyzed. The tests results have invariably shown appreciable reductions of toxins and drugs not beforehand easily eliminated from the body and at the same time documented their excretion in fat, sweat and skin oil samples.

While perhaps helpful to overall health, the various cleanses, herbal formulas, diets, etc do not address fat stored, toxic chemicals.

Mr. Wisner founded a not-for-profit medical management company, HealthMed, to administratively assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of toxic chemical exposure.HealthMed successfully helped firemen, police officers, farm workers, household pesticide victims and many more over its ten-year history.Michael has presented and published originally scientific research on the Hubbard method of detoxification for:

  • USSR Academy of Sciences and United Nations Man and is Biosphere in Moscow
  • American Public Health Association national conferences: Washington, D.C and San Diego, CA
  • American Academy of Environmental Medicine national conferences: Clearwater Beach, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; Nashville, Tennessee
  • National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides; Watsonville, CA
  • International Conference on Peripheral Nerve Toxicity in Kanasawa, Japan

What Michael found equally fascinating was the nearly 2000 “well-patients” that underwent detoxification simply for its potential preventative health benefits.In clinical studies participants were documented to have increased IQ’s, improve neurological reaction times, improved peripheral vision, skin tone, energy levels and more. It is apparent to Michael and many researchers that the Hubbard program might save the lives of poisoned persons and might change the lives for the better of well people. Interesting enough, Mr. Hubbard’s reasons for the program were more far-reaching than all of this, as he was also concerned with the effects of drugs and toxins on a person mentally and spiritually. Mr. Hubbard’s book details this as well.

While not a cure-all or panacea, the Hubbard program is an invaluable tool in dealing with the increasing amount of today’s toxic exposure and its potential health ill-effects. Michael looks at it as a twenty-first century survival kit and certainly the place to start for a solid foundation in any personal improvement or health program.

Simple Things You Can Do

  • Take your shoes off at the front door – reduced lead in your home by 40%
  • Eat organic fruits, dairy and vegetables whenever possible. If unavailable the simple maximum “if you can’t peel it don’t eat it” has practical value
  • In your car, your home , your workplace – the number one way to reduce the effects of indoor pollution is open the windows and doors whenever possible. Toxins accumulate inside structures in higher concentration than outside – opening windows reverses this.
  • Eat lower on the food chain – for instance the higher the fat content in red meats means much higher levels of accumulated toxins.
  • On a diet? Check out for a health, organic diet plan
  • Do not use pesticides in your home: orange oils, mint plant, boric acid, cayenne pepper can get rid of bugs, cost less money and not poison you.
  • Detox your body. See Clear Body Clear Mind. Read it. Do it.
  • Find out more about the Purification Program