The First Mistress

By Michael Wisner

The fiery, wily Cuban mistress of the Vice President of the United States finds her world unravel into intrigue and catastrophe when the President of the United States is assassinated – an assassination that throws a reluctant Vice President into a job he never wanted, and leaves her alone to deal with forces that threaten everything she loves – her family, her country, her President.

Written in the vein of French Lieutenant’s Woman: this is actually two stories running concurrently: the present-day thriller paralleling the true-life story of Simon Bolivar and his mistress Manuela Saenz. The same lead actors would play in both stories. Written as a tour de force role for Manuela. The Bolivar/Manuela story, never shown in American cinema, tracks a love story of the man who freed a continent five-times the size of the United States from the most powerful army on the face of the Earth, traversing the 14,000 ft Andes with a tattered band of throw-together’s – and the woman who inspired, challenged and made it all possible.