True Blue Productions

Michael headed True Blue Productions, Kirstie Alley’s production company, for two years while Kirstie starred in and produced the hit sitcom, Veronica’s Closet. Michael had the insightful experience of working with, learning from and observing some of the world’s top television writers, actors and producers.

Veronica's Closet

In this capacity, he also assisted in the production of the critically acclaimed movie for CBS, Profoundly Normal, written by Paris Qualles and directed by Graeme Clifford. Starring Kirstie Alley and Delroy Lindo and produced by Carlton America, Randwell Productions and True Blue Productions.

The Thorton Story

Based on the inspiring true story of an interracial marriage, Profoundly Normal is about a mentally disabled couple (Kirstie Alley and Delroy Lindo) who strive to marry and have children in a world that views them as incapable of leading a typical family life.