Stand Off

Based on true story. A young, single Black mother, in an escalating confrontation with police over the custody of her nine-year old daughter, is surrounded by a SWAT team, tank and national media. Charges of child abuse take a twist under a force-of-nature, defense attorney, leaving any parent wondering if their child is safe.



A quantum You've Got Mail. A struggling young artist in the LA music scene meets on-line an agoraphobic physicist from far away. Things get interesting when they decide to meet.


Blue Plaid Flannel and Jeans

A cataclysmic 60’s road trip between a Zen-like anarchist hitchhiker and wannabe–hippie Stanford preppie flash forwards 30 years to the White House where Stanford man is now President embroiled in a fight-to-the-death over campaign finance reform and haunted by a long-thought-dead, hitchhiker.



A quantum, Dave. Ephemeral forms in a moonscape world of gentle beings are threatened by a breach in the fabric separating their parallel world from Earth. Earth’s increasing carbon dioxide is leaking into their world, suffocating them. Their only hope is to send the most unlikely of their kind, who just happens to have the uncanny ability to mimic any voice or personality. They will insert him into the body of the coal burning, gas-guzzling US President and hope.


The First Mistress

In the vein of French Lieutenant’s Woman. A young Hispanic Vice President midst a torrid relationship with a DC, talk-of-the-town restaurateur, never wanted to be Vice President. His world is suddenly thrown upside down when the President is assassinated. Vice Presidents have girlfriends. Presidents have First Ladies.



I’m not in my body. Are you? A beautiful, eclectic psychic, who when not checking bags at the local Whole Foods, helps police find missing persons, is recruited by a research institute for remote viewing experiments.


Scam America

Thelma and Louise meet The Sting. Two zany trailer-trash misfits hooked up with grandiose visions of scoring the “big con” find themselves living in a car, scamming food stamps and welfare checks, as they plod through the Southern Midwest living off beer, chips, candy-bars and a hellacious love-hate relationship. Their lives change forever when they pick up girl and boy hitchhikers.



A dark knight in Washington’s intelligence apparatus during the revolutionary war is tasked with unraveling a series of grotesque murders mimicking Masonic ritual, which could affect the outcome of the war. Actual devices in advanced weaponry, under-water vessels, flight and ciphers provide a visually stunning, Eighteenth century Mission Impossible aura.



Inspired by true events in the vein of Erin Brockovich. The six-year old son of a US Senator is ravaged by inexplicable seizures. The only one willing to look is a young, wide-eyed environmental attorney who finds himself up against a beautiful, young EPA assistant Administrator and forces that make billions poisoning a population.


Positive Impact

Over the years Michael Wisner learned from some of the world's foremost artists the power of an artistic form that communicates creatively to a wide audience and the positive impact these messages can have.

At HealthMed, a non-profit company he founded, Michael witnessed an incredible story of a family devastated by a toxic exposure and wanted to tell their story. It was with the unselfish support and encouragement from Tom Cruise that Michael was inspired to write his first screenplay, Madhatters. Michael has since written or co-written six screenplays that are in development (see left).